Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why You Look Good

Why do you look good? I mean, if & when you make an effort to look good, why do you do it?

Is it for your significant other?
Is it to get the attention of cute guys/girls?
Is it to get any attention?
Does it make you more confident?
Does it give you a business edge?
Does it flatter your ego when you see someone checking you out?
Is it simply a matter of looking "presentable"?
Or is it just to please yourself?

I think there have been occasions where each of those have been true but lately, I realized that I do it for me. I enjoy the process of doing makeup and dressing up sometimes, but I don't depend on the end result. One day I'll be in jeans and nerdy tshirt, the next I could be in dress, heels and makeup. No reason needed. Doesn't matter whether I will be meeting 200 or 0 people that day. I don't know if people are checking me out because I'm not watching out for it. 

Why? Partly because I'm in my own world probably, but also it's just easier not to care. My days go by so quickly, I'm barely conscious of what I look like once I'm out of the house. Once I'm at work I'm in a different world, thinking about solving problems and doing cool stuff. As long as I don't have a wardrobe malfunction, I don't have time to worry about it. It's not like my physical appearance defines me anyway. It's a facet of me but it's not me. I'm defined more by my values, talents, heart, work and attitude than my ephemeral physique or even my gender.

What about you? What defines you? Who do you dress up for?

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