Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sherry Why So Nerdy

Apart from the fact that it's just how I naturally am, here are a few reasons why.

Nerd is freeing. 

You might think a nerdy reputation makes people think you wear thick glasses and dress sloppy but being nerdy is actually very liberating. "Nerds" such a non-coveted club that you're unlikely to be under scrutiny like the "popular" kids. Being under the radar means you can do whatever the hell you want, make mistakes, learn from it and it's nobody's business.

Not feeling social today? Acceptable for a nerd.
A bit awkward sometimes? Acceptable for a nerd.
Don't feel like looking good today? Acceptable for a nerd.
Over-excited about something nobody else cares about? Acceptable for a nerd.
Not one of the popular kids? Acceptable for a nerds.
Despised by popular kids? Acceptable, expected for a nerd.
Love studying and doing homework? Acceptable for a nerd.
Not interested in all the drama? Acceptable for a nerd.

But the best part is you can still do everything the non-nerdy kids do.

Love arts? Also acceptable for a nerd.
Love music? Also acceptable for a nerd.
Love sports? Also acceptable for a nerd.
Love sports but suck at it? Acceptable for a nerd.
Love dressing up sometimes? Also acceptable for a nerd although it might surprise some.
Love partying like there's no tomorrow when you're free? Also acceptable for a nerd.

See? No more boxes to fit in. Makes life much better.

Nerds are simply people who follow their passion regardless of its status in popular culture. 

Passion --> Great work --> Success/Fulfillment --> Much better life --> nerdy=good.

While others are busy being cool, you're doing your thing and getting good at it. That will be more valuable than popularity, good looks or "network". The latter will get you nowhere if you're no good. Besides, many of the greats are real nerdy. Contrary to popular belief, you can be nerdy about anything, not just science/math.

James Taylor once said something along these lines: "I started playing guitar because of girls but instead I found myself sitting with bunch of guys talking about nail routines on Sunday afternoons". Doesn't get much nerdier than that...

So if you're one of those who thought that nerds are awkward, antisocial, look sloppy, are uncool, you're right. We claim the rights to be whatever we want. Uncool is one of them. Cool is so overrated anyways.

And finally, if you're a nerd, POWER TO YOU 8-)

Special note to the guys: Nerdy is the new sexy.

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