Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Three Random Wisdoms

Some calls are not yours to make but no questions are above your "grade".
Don't be afraid to ask the bigger, bolder questions if you want to solve those bigger, bolder problems. Don't be afraid to ask even if the people being asked can't answer the question yet. After all, curiosity is only known to kills cats. You're not a cat.

Be the sole judge who to be and who to befriend.
Not all friends are worth emulating, but more importantly, not all who are shunned deserve to be so. Don't act stupid because it's "normal".
Don't avoid/discard someone because someone else deemed them unsuitable.

Just because we're different, doesn't mean we can't co-exist without becoming each other. Treating stigmatized people as my equals doesn't make me (or them) worth stigmatizing, just as hanging out with a stud doesn't make me a stud. While behaviours and habits are easily picked up, people don't always do so. Years ago, all my friends used to drink and smoke, I never did. People probably assumed I did but I didn't. People are not the stereotypes we label them with. They are not the boxes we'd like them to fit in for our own convenience.

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