Friday, March 28, 2014

New Record In The Works.

After listening to Seth Godin's "The Icarus Deception", I realize that I've left the industrialists dampen my passion a little lately. Recently, listening to "Change Me As We Go" sparked criticism. It wasn't good enough, mediocre at best, bla bla bla. Criticizing is easier than taking action, even if it is criticizing oneself.

I listened to my recordings again, re-read the lyrics to Perfect World, and realized I was wrong. There was room for improvement, but it was not a vain effort. There is a message, a connection. I can still feel it myself. It wasn't a bunch of words made to rhyme. A real situation, real emotions pushed me to write these words.

I decided I will record again this year. Watch out! Never mind the "it's not worth it". It is worth it. It is worth the satisfaction of hearing your art performed in the best way, and captured forever.

Perfect World lyrics:
I would like you to know how happy I am
But then I know you wouldn’t understand, oh

Everybody tries to make a perfect world
Everybody wants to give a perfect world to you
But every perfect world is different
And yours and mine just won’t coincide

And so we are, defending our utopia
Not going far against each other’s idea
I look at you, I love you
But I’m misunderstood and so alone

You’re still the same, should I feel ashamed?
Thought I had your word that said you would change?
You’ll never change for anyone,
Why do I keep holding on?

Nothing lasts forever
Though we were great together
There’s no point in crying over what could have been
Life was never “fair as it is”

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