Monday, March 25, 2013

Everybody Lies

Dr. House was right about the fact that everybody lies but I have been struggling with this truth. I've worked hard to muster the courage to tell the truth when it matters. Even when it hurts, even when when it's inconvenient. If it's the right thing to do, then it's the right thing to do and you just take a deep breath and say it. Life tends to remind me every so often that truth and courage are not universally important for human beings. It's such an inconvenience.

How do you build team spirit when there is no balance? How do you trust someone who will let you open up to them but not reciprocate? Can you ever trust one who will watch you vulnerably asking for the truth, and lie to your face under a masquerade of comforting words? Is "I wasn't thinking" ever a good enough reason to fail to protect someone? My answer is a ringing NO.

I can pretend that I'm not angry anymore. If I need to, I can pretend we're friends. I may forgive, in the [distant] future. And if I do, I will also forget. But right now, I can't forget. I refuse to lower my standards when it comes to the definition of loyalty. I grew up surrounded by amazing people who kept their word and kept the best interest of others before theirs. If they can do it, so can everybody else.I was told that this is a depressing world and that I should just accept that everybody does shitty things sometimes. But they're probably lying. After all, everybody lies.

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