Sunday, March 3, 2013

Co-writing my first French/English song :)

Yesterday, I met with a fellow songwriter to try and write together. From one song I heard at the meetup where we met, I knew we had an artistic affinity. We also found out we both speak French but had never written any French songs yet. One day we should do that, we said.

So we met yesterday, not knowing whether the creativity streams would converge or diverge. None of us had any idea of what to write about. We decided to go through some of his mini recordings and see if anything grabbed my attention. The first one was as far as we got. "I kinda like that!" I said.

We took 5 mins aside to each come up with different ideas about where to go from there. After 5 mins we had 3 ideas. We picked one of mine that added contrast to the rhythm as the pre-chorus. A few minutes later, we magically had a chorus forming. This was getting really exciting. Before going to bed, I listened to the recordings from that session and aside from the music, all you hear is giggles and excitement. It was a magical moment that any songwriter yearns for.

While looking for an interesting way to end the chorus, Edi came up with a hook that brought the energy right back up. "Where did you go?" was all we had but it worked so well and was so catchy. We tried finding different meanings to this phrase, different phrases that could fit, different words we could end with, but in the end, "Where did you go?" it stayed.

We were so excited. Now on to the lyrics. We started to struggle. We knew we wanted to talk about two friends meeting after some time apart and sadly find that they have nothing left in common. Yet all the lyrics we came up with didn't feel fresh/original. Something wasn't quite right. We thought the verse would be about the memories, and the pre-chorus about the change. Yet we couldn't fit anything properly.

Then I had this crazy idea. While playing the verse melody, I heard "Et si on pouvait tout se dire...." in my head. I brought up the crazy idea and after a good laugh we decided to give it a try. That got the ball rolling and in 20 min, we had our first verse!

Et si on pouvait tout se dire comme autrefois
Tout semblait toujours plus simple entre nous
Nos aventures aux petites heures du matin
Qui n'existaient plus que dans nos regards n'y son't plus

We have more lyrics for the other parts but we're not sure about them yet, so you'll have to come to my show to find out :) My show is on March 14th at Hart House (UofT downtown campus). It's FREE and the details can be found in the following link:


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    1. Thanks for your comment. Music & writing are my therapy :)