Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Only Reality

See bottom for notes on inspiration. 
One day, hard as can be,
The next, the only way alive.
Can never predict when.

There when you need it least,
Feeding on your every fall.
Your failure is the prize.

The only comfort you have left,
When estranged and alone.
Your fall is their fall .

Vicissitudes of life.
Chipping away at our strength.
Beyond where we stopped trying,
There is no improvement...

One day paralyzing,
The next, liberating.
Can never predict which.

Pushing forward the strength in you,
To regain trust beyond failure,
To play again with life.

Shedding a witness of faith,
In a past without a future.
The start of every start.

The only reason to any logic,
Ruthless, unpredictable, marvellous.
The only reality we can try.

I was watching J.K. Rowling's interview with Oprah and she said that if her mother had not died, there would probably not be Harry Potter. Writing the series was a way of coping and figuring out the meaning of love, death and life. She also said that failure was liberating. Hitting rock bottom meant having nothing left to lose. Failure is necessary, but we don't talk about failure nearly enough. We talk about success all the time but failure is very important... I THINK this interview is mostly what inspired this.

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