Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Live at the Gladstone

First, congrats to Super Tash who rocked like a boss! Her set, her music and her band was badass. Just badass. When SuperTash asked me if I wanted to do a show, the artist inside me was a bit tuned out. She said "We'll bring you back to life!" and she did! I had so much fun playing the Gladstone Hotel on Sunday. I was the only one playing an acoustic set but I got really good responses from the audience. If you were there, thanks for showing up! I really appreciate it. Here are a few recordings, followed by some thoughts. Note: Lyrics for "The Brighter Side" and "Perfect World" are available in the track description on SoundCloud and EVERYTHING IS FREE DOWNLOAD!!! The Brighter Side - Sherry-Lynn Lee With Or Without You - U2 Someone Like You - Adele Perfect World - Sherry-Lynn Lee Recently, I've tried to work on my chest voice. As many female singers, I struggle with it. I've struggled with breath as well but something I did recently was to keep going when I felt out of breath. Many times, I had just enough to finish the phrase and I felt it added a subtle little something to the song. (The Brighter Side has a bunch, including 1:04 - 1:13) I realized that, before, I was just cutting my phrases short thinking I couldn't do it... And yet, all I had to do was keep going.
Photo credit: (c) 2012 Stan Velijev

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