Thursday, October 18, 2012


If you've noticed a decreased frequency of blog posts here, it's mostly because I've been busy working on with my two wonderful co-founders since June. Here's an overview of is a healthcare mapping website/app that deals with two problems: a systematic problem that is burdening the Canadian healthcare system, and a problem related to inconveniences experienced by Canadians who seek same-day primary options.

The Canadian healthcare system is overburdened with unnecessary ER visits.  Almost half of all ER visits are non-critical, costing the government 2x-6x per patient compared to receiving similar treatment at an urgent care centre, walk-in clinic or family doctor.  Reducing the number of non-critical ER patients may reduce healthcare costs and ER wait-times.

Canadian patients are inconvenienced by the ineffective use of consumer technology when it comes to healthcare in Canada.  Searches for nearby same-day healthcare options in Canada often deliver results that are incomplete, noisy or out-of-date, and information is dispersed across various websites.  For ERs, urgent care centres and walk-in clinics, patients register in person and spend unproductive hours in a waiting room.  There is also a lack of awareness of healthcare options for travelers; International students aren't fully aware of all healthcare providers that accept UHIP health insurance plans, Canadians traveling out-of-province may be unaware of their healthcare options, and international visitors to Canada may have travel insurance but are unaware of their healthcare options. We provide users with all the information they need in a single place and strive to ensure the integrity of our data.  consolidates information about ERs, urgent care centres, walk-in clinics and pharmacies onto a map that makes it easier for patients to learn about their surroundings and see relevant information.  We show Canadians what's nearby, what's open at the time of search, wait-time information if its available, and more.  We are also working towards implementing a centralized e-scheduling system that will show live wait-times and facilitate remote registration for same-day appointments and virtual queuing at walk-in clinics.  This may provide a behavioural incentive for patients with less urgent conditions to choose an option that is less costly to our healthcare system.

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