Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dr. House & Result Oriented Communication

You must have watched at least one episode of Dr. House. My favourite character of all times, even more than Sherlock Holmes. He intrigues me and has caused me to reflect upon communication skills and its relation to ability, and to the truth. Personally, I value honesty, even if it's painful to hear. Yet, so few people are willing to give you that feedback. Probably for fear of things escalating. And probably with reason.

I've enjoyed a few communications courses during my time at the University of Toronto and I did very well in all of them. However, I still find that sometimes, things go wrong and, as much as you try, some people are just gonna lose it. Sometimes it's them being jerks, but probably very often, it's me not communicating properly, not getting my message across, or not delivering the message I should be or the one they want. Should I be telling them exactly what they want to hear? As much as I enjoyed all these courses, I still find myself cornered sometimes.

These courses tend to give people a positive attitude and a sense of empowerment, which feels great at first. But it's not enough for me. Sure I feel I've learned a lot about dealing with conflict resolution et al. in theory, but context is often lacking. I need the course to throw outraging situations at me, to catch me off-guard, to hit me on the soft spots, and to force me to improve to the point of communicating effectively even when my blood is boiling with rage. I should leave class every time drained of all energy, just like coming home from a good workout. Some courses tried a few exercises like this, but I just wish there was a full course of just that.

Life is not fair, people aren't either, and we should learn to accept it and deal with it gracefully. I think I do try but I have room for improvement still. I'm still trying to figure out why people haven't yet accepted that ego and feeling good about themselves is not always the best thing. I wish I lived in a world where Dr. Houses existed. I'm going to miss you House.

A few things you learn from House.
- Everybody lies.
- People do everything to feel good about themselves, to be validated. Often involves some sacrifice.
- Being right and a jerk is better than being nice and wrong. Love Simon Cowell.
- Your eyes turn yellow if your liver fails

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