Monday, June 11, 2012

The AHA Moment

I just had an AHA moment reading a post I wrote yesterday. I remembered the order in which I wrote parts of it, and I it occurred to me that I did it for many other posts too. AND I JUST FIGURED OUT WHY!!!

Last week, I mentioned to someone that I'm sometimes impatient when it comes to meetings. I just want to know the conclusion. It's almost as if nothing makes any sense unless and until there is a conclusion.

I realized that this way of thinking emerges not just during meetings, but also while writing. Strange but true. I tend to write the first paragraph about my main point. Most of it usually ends up somewhere in the conclusion. I always rearrange sentences and paragraphs, and it ALWAYS sounds better after the rearrangement.

PS: that last sentence was initially in the introduction ;)

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