Sunday, January 1, 2012

Change Me coz We're Still Going.

Evaluation of 2011 done, it's time for a new resolution list for 2012! Only this time I'll be more organized about it. (OK, just sometimes I'm a little OCD like that...)

Computer Science
- Graduating from BSc!
- Learn PHP, MySQL, AJAX, RoR etc.
- Finish the 3 websites currently started.
- Create a mobile app
- Look for jobs & apply
- Use cool stuff I learned in practice

- Write, write, write! 12 complete songs minimum.
- Work on 5-10 covers
- Band practice every week/ learn to co-write
- Sell out CMAWG CDs already!
- Finish my website so people can buy stuff
- Improve vocal technique/ control (vibrato, breathing, mix)
- Learn new piano techniques
- Learn new guitar techniques
- Diversify (and update) my music collection with 50 new artists of various genres (I swear Evanescence is a new band :P)
- Book shows in summer and play at least 10 shows.

- Find developer to partner with
- Continue the work in progress :)

- Eat more healthy
- Get sick less often!!!!!! (And not end up in hospital)
- Stay away from psychos who have issues or want to kill themselves. No jokes.
- Be less "anti-social", building more confidence in certain areas
- Improve conflict resolution/ negotiation skills (believe me, there is ALWAYS room for improvement in this area because it's like the jungle!)
- Keep in touch better and more often with the ones I love and am so grateful for.
- Cardio workout 1-2 times a week
- Dance class
- Be more productive
- Try something new (skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, new language)
- Be less sarcastic and/or irritable when stressed
- Be more organized
- Figure out my pre-mid-life crisis triggered by imminent graduation :)
- Get the driver's license. Seriously.

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