Sunday, January 1, 2012

List Fun == crossing off items off list

Another year is finally starting. If I could summarize 2011 in one word it would be... chaos. But let's see what's been accomplished from the list I made at the start of the year After all, there's no fun in making lists if you don't cross items out, that's where you get all the reward!

1. Finally make my website
2. Write and record new demos

3. Write a mobile app (postponed to 2012!)
4. Sell more Change Me As We Go CDs through live gigging (postponed to 2012!)
5. Play more shows than 2010 (postponed to 2012!)
6. Go to more open mics (postponed to 2012!)
7. Do more vocal exercises and improve technique
8. Learn a classical piano piece (postponed to 2012!)
9. Learn new guitar techniques (postponed to 2012!)
10. Contribute more to the community than 2010, which was not bad to start with :) (epic fail)
11. Make a difference in someone's life
12. Figure out what I want to do after graduation in 2012 (figured what I WANT to do, not what I WILL do)
13. Be more efficient than in 2010
14. Be more active. Take up dance again! Or sports
15. Write more and better and daily
16. Read all these books on my shelf! (lowered priority, but I did read my textbooks more! :-D)
17. Work on 2 major side projects in programming
18. Remember more people's birthdays
19. Figure out something with my current gear
20. Come up with as many ideas as possible for songs, scripts, businesses
21. Finally get my freakin business cards? (lowered priority)
22. Discover 25 new artists from different genres 23. Cook more and eat healthier
24. Find collaborators in music and CS

25. Catch up on those movies that apparently I should've watched :) (lowered priority)
26. Get my Canadian driver's license (postponed to 2012!)
27. Update my youtube and myspace accounts and video infos
28. Post more videos on youtube

29. Work on my mailing list (lowered priority)
30. Brush up my French and maybe learn a bit of Mandarin

A bit more than half accomplished. I have to admit, better than expected lol. But the question is... Had I NOT had to undergo open heart surgery, would I have accomplished more? I think I definitely could have played more music over the summer if it wasn't hell to carry a guitar or something. And the driver's license... That was just laziness :( But definitely, one thing on my list for 2012 will be GET SICK LESS OFTEN DAMNIT!

How did your year turn out?


  1. 1. Make list of things to do (postponed to 2012!)

    Congrats on accomplishing so much this past year! Lets hope 2012 brings you many more accomplishments, both on and off-list.

  2. Thanks :) I did make the list for 2012 and hope to cross off even more next year

  3. I think you've done brilliantly well, so keep up the good job! :)
    I read your blog often and you're an inspiration.

    1. thank you anonymous reader :) Saying I'm an inspiration is the best compliment you could ever give me. So thank you very much. That inspires me in return :)