Monday, December 12, 2011

Not for me

A lot of times, I see people studying with their big textbooks in Gerstein library and I kinda wish I could do that too. Just my textbook and notes and study my ass off. No need to figure out complicated math or programming or theory stuff. Getting a good grade seems so much easier that way. Just learn it all by heart and tadaaa. No scratching your head to understand how the heck neural networks weight sharing works mathematically. I was wrong. It's harder. At least for me. Maybe I'm just lazy or burned out or something. The course itself was quite interesting and I enjoyed it. I just don't like regurgitating content on exams. Result: I can't take bird courses.

Why I don't like bird courses.
  1. Wordy textbook that beats around the bush and makes things sound complicated when they really are dead simple concepts.
  2. On top of being wordy, it's also hard cover, heavy and glossy to the point where I can't read it with my lamp next to it because it reflects light so much.
  3. Participation marks. Clearly, if not attending a lecture already loses me 20% of my participation mark, that does NOT motivate me to participate in class. What's the point. Duh.
  4. Just can't find the motivation to put effort into a "bird" course. Rather take a "hard" elective. More likely to get a good grade.
Conclusion: bird courses are evil.

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