Thursday, December 1, 2011

About Me is About To Change

 I think I wrote this on my facebook "about me" when I first joined in 2007. Can't believe it's been more than 5 years already. I don't want it on my wall anymore, but didn't want to completely scratch it either. So I figured I'd keep it here. Note that there are lots of rhymes and stuff in there that, when I read them now, make me go "eww". But whatever. Here it is in all its imperfection. Don't judge my writing on that piece of junk, I've gone to university since then  =)

Sherry-Lynn's her name
Words are her game

She sings and plays guitar
and piano-plays mozart

She is no longer a teen  )'=
Often thinks of what could have been

SHe's so complicated
Often frustrated

But always finds a way
To get past obstacles thrown her way

Her friends know best
That for them, she'd give her best

Always stays up late
And trying to think straight

Writing or composing in the middle of the night
Trying to say things she feels just right

Often locked up inside her swirling mind
Searching for answers she cant find

She has her secret garden
With all its joy and burden

Part of it will never be trespassed
And simply fade into the past

Spends her time observing the world
As feelings, actions and thoughts whirl

Wondering what makes human logic
So twisted to the point of being ironic

She doesnt go with the flow
She doesnt just follow

She leads and sometimes gets lost
Having only a coin to toss

She is different though not intentionally
And finally, she is simply me.

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