Thursday, November 10, 2011

Machine Learning is blowing my mind away!

This semester I'm taking CSC411 (Intro to Machine Learning & Data Mining). This is by far the coolest course I've ever taken. I can see so many potential applications for it, and the ones that exist already are really exciting. These techniques are the foundation of intelligent systems, so no wonder it's this cool. (Now you're thinking "damn i never knew she was that nerdy". oh yeah.)

U of T researcher uses an artificial neural network (ANN) to do face recognition on an app and allow users to try out makeup on their face before buying! The Toronto Star wrote an article about it.

Patrick Meier and a bunch of people in Boston created this mapping site. It has helped save lives of thousands after earthquakes in Haiti, and is now often used by official sources to locate people who need help in crises. Their algorithm intelligently filters incoming sms/twitter feeds that volunteers verify/translate in real-time. Not exactly sure what they use, but he mentioned clusters at the Q&A :) After watching this presentation I wanted to jump up and down to celebrate humanity lol. If you lost faith in mankind, watch this! Incredible how people came together.

Complementing my existing interest in human-computer interaction, machine learning and data mining seem to be an area in which I might spend quite some time exploring after graduation. I can't wait for CSC401 (natural language computing) next semester! Passion revived.

Yes, I'm still a geek :)

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