Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As i re read my blog yesterday i wondered why i wrote all about the surgery. There was no definite answer. I did it so that people can know what to expect of surgery? To show that if i can get through it then so can they? To help me remember the details when i look back in a few years? To remind me that i'm lucky and surrounded by a strong and caring support system? I suppose its a bit of everything.

If you've seen me since march you will know that i walk around shamelessly with my scar. My family thinks i should hide it.  But i'm not embarrassed by it as i thought i would be. I wanna show people that it's normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Sure its not pretty. But if i cant accept it for myself then how can i expect others to do so? I think i can even be proud of it.  It's part of me now. And i wont hide it.

I'm glad this adventure happened when it did. Timing could hardly have been any better. Of course its never a good time to be sick and under the knife but there are certainly worse times it could have happened at. Everything sort of came together after that. I have a new place, i got to meet family i've never even heard of before, i didnt lose on tuition fees, and made new friends along the way. Could it be any better?

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