Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seventeenth Hour

I remember crossing that intersection to meet you halfway on Front Street. Your card didn't really have much to say. I already knew what you were thinking. We strolled along the lakeshore, remembering the last time we'd been there. We ended up on the patio at Porticello. Meatloaf got you excited. I smiled.

It's funny how little things make people's day. And how making people's day makes your day. But we can't afford to do that now. We can barely make it through our own day and endless list of things to be, and things to accomplish. Ultimately, we just want the best of everything. Of our life, of our youth, of each other, and of ourselves. And it always takes time to get the best of anything. And with time it would've gotten the best of us. It's not easy to gamble on the future but we're risk takers. I wonder where this will take us.

Will it be an old spaghetti factory? Will there be another wish upon a passing Train as we walk on that bridge? Maybe the pennies will pile themselves up and the scripts will be written. Maybe there'll be glitter in the air. Maybe we're made of the most solid Rock in Ages that can defy the 5th Elementt. Even Shrek would be impressed. Maybe some day we'll sell out Massey Hall. Coz.. Everybody Needs a Hero.

Maybe it won't take us anywhere at all. Maybe we were there for a reason and maybe the reasons are gone. But anything is what we make of it. So we'll make this one be for the best. We both know where we want to go. I hope we get there some time soon and I wish us luck. You can be a Survivor but don't be a celebrity apprentice. Trump is losing credibility :P

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