Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Looking back - Surgery Adventure Part 8

It's been almost three months. Today, I met with my surgeon for the first time since the operation. He said I looked very healthy. When I asked why it happened, he said it just does. With a septal defect, sooner or later, it just gets bigger and requires surgery. Just a matter of when it's gonna happen. So NOPE, the late nights are not at fault.

After that I went to pay a visit to the nurses in the cardiac unit on the 4th floor where I stayed post-surgery. They weren't sure of my name but they sure remembered me. One of them said "Oh yea, I remember you, you were in room 114!". Woah, good memory. Dr Degen also dropped by and was delighted to see me out and about. Brenda gave me a big hug.

Next we went to the CICU where I got to see Kim again. She said they don't usually get to see the results of their work. It's pretty rare for patients to go back and see them so she was really happy to see me. She forgot my name but remembered I'm from Mauritius. She helped me find Dr Thomas by paging him. He was also very glad to see me. It seems like I was quite the memorable patient for nurses and doctors alike. Maybe I am weird :)

Anyway, it was really cool to see everyone again while feeling 10 000 times better. It was amazing to see how happy they were to see a patient come back and thank them for their hard work. They truly deserve all the gratitude in the world, especially the nurses who were there 24/7. It's good to be back to normal life, but this sure was an interesting adventure. My mom disagrees fully. But she's my mom, she'll never agree that having surgery at 23 is cool.

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