Monday, April 18, 2011

Celebrating 10 years of friendship continents away

Double post today because it's one of my sisters' birthday!

Happy birthday Deborah. We've come a long way since our shy first encounters. We started out as rivals but became best friends. Throughout the years, you, Wendy and I have celebrated many a birthday together and have shared so many epic milestones of our high school drama :) The fun, the stress and the tears, we've shared them all and we continue to do so continents away. I hope we can reunite for our birthdays some time in the future. They're much more fun when we're together.

However, whether it happens or not, I'm sure Wendy's prediction of us getting together as old grandmas to complain about our kids and grandkids will come true at some point :P No matter how long we go without talking, it feels like we just talked yesterday. One of those golden priceless friendships :)

Miss you both, especially today and every birthday of ours.


Titi (aka bo)

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