Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Homeward Bound - Surgery Adventure Part 5

This was March 8, 4 days after my surgery. After getting back 45% of my blood, I felt much better. Later during the day I was able to walk around my room, go to the bathroom by myself, and slept less. My mom and brother landed in Toronto on Monday night. They dropped by for a quick visit at around 1am and said they'd be back the next afternoon with some home made food. YUM.

Dr. Degen was very happy to see that I was doing much better on Tuesday morning, thanks to the two units of blood. He said I could leave in a couple days max. I couldn't wait… Later, he saw the results of yet another painful set of blood tests (they do it every morning) and came to deliver good news. I could go home that very day, or the next day, whenever I felt ready. The final test was whether I could walk to the atrium and back without any problem. WHAT? OF COURSE I WANT TO GO TODAY! So I went for a walk and discovered the beautiful atrium that overlooks University Avenue. There were plants and sofas, and a grand piano! I wasn't surprised but quite disappointed that it was locked. On my way back, Dr. Degen said I could go home!

My mom, who had been getting ready to stay over at the hospital that night was slightly worried that it was too early. Merely 4 days after this big heart surgery. However, the doctor made it clear that there was no reason to keep me on observation anymore. My HB level, oxygen level, blood pressure and temperature were all back to normal. My heartbeat was still a bit high but within normal range. The only thing was a little fluid in my heart following the surgery, revealed by an x-ray but it wasn't a major concern. I just had to come back for an echo the following week. The doctor added that the night sweats were probably just because the mattress was plastic. It would probably stop once I sleep on a real bed. YAY! I was good to go!

The nurse gave me a booklet titled "Homeward Bound" with instructions on what to do once I get home. A bunch of exercises and health recommendations. Then the pharmacist came to explain to me each one of the 8 different types of pills I had to take several times a day for the next week or so and their possible side effects. I was just so excited to be going home. It felt like I had been in the hospital for a while. An hour later, my concerned mother and brother came to help me pack up everything to leave. We donated most of the flowers to the hospital for patients who don't get a lot of visits to enjoy.


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