Monday, January 3, 2011

A very blunt winter opinion

If you can't handle dry sarcastic and possibly offensive humour, please do not read on. I don't mean to offend anyone. Just food for thought and a good laugh.

I hear many people say that, given a choice between good-looking and warm clothes, they would choose good-looking.

In tropical Mauritius, totally. In freakin Canada?

I was thinking about it... And came to the conclusion that it was not a worthwhile sacrifice when it comes to everyday dressing. I emphasize EVERYDAY. When going out it's a different story... But overall, the taste of people doesn't change according to what you're wearing on a daily basis. What you wear should reflect your fashion taste, sure, but I think it should also reflect your brains.

Suppose you think you're hot. Even if you wear something not very good looking, people who think you're hot will still think you're hot. You'll be warm and still hot to the eyes of your admirers. Wearing nice but cold clothes will not make more people think you're hot. So it's pointless. Unless you care about the "external benefits" of your beauty on people around.

Suppose you think you're ugly. Even if you wear something hot (and are freezing), people who think you're ugly will still think you're ugly. Except that now, they'll also think you're dumb. Not a good combo to have. If you really are ugly, your best bet would be personality and your brains. Don't kill your brain points trying to impress people by freezing your butt for the sake of being dressed.

If you're average, the same thing applies. People who find you hot will still find you hot, and people who find you horrible will still find you horrible. It's just life. People have different taste. And that miniskirt in -20 celsius doesn't change tastes.

Conclusion: for everyday stuff like going to work, or school and what not, dressing warm is the smarter option.

Now if you're going on a date, or to a party that you really care to look good for, go all out if the need be. But then again. Remember that people also judge your brain by the looks.

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