Friday, December 31, 2010

Next Station is 2011.

Happy New Year 2011 everyone!

Please do not drink and drive! Many lives have been lost on the way home from NYE parties and impaired driving remains the leading criminal cause of death in Canada. Don't put your life, that of your friends, or that of other people on the road at risk. It would really be DUMB of you to die or kill or injure someone because you were under influence. Let alone ruin everyone's NY celebrations. So yea. Drink responsibly if you're going to.

That being said, moving on to more positive things xD I don't have resolutions yet but I have this:

Between Jan 01 2010 and Jan 01 2011, I will have accomplished a lot. I hope that 2011 will be even more intense (can we skew that a bit to have most intensity on the good side of things?). I usually don't like December much. But January feels slightly better because it's a new start. I like new starts :)

As I said, December isn't exactly my favourite time of the year, and this year has been even worse. So to cheer myself up, I tried writing down things that I'm proud to have accomplished in 2010. This isn't a complete list but I think it's decent enough. It's mostly for me that I'm writing today. I know, what a selfish way to end the year lol. As I said in the post linked below, it's the opportunity to write a better chapter of our life..

When you're too lazy to make NY resolutions just yet, making a list of things you accomplished tricks your conscience into letting you slack off a little bit more :)
Here goes:

1. Raised Rs. 10650 for charity in Mauritius and participated in 89 Chestnut's Haiti fundraiser.
2. Released my first EP, Change Me As We Go, in Toronto and in Mauritius.
3. Played 13 original shows and several guest appearances around the GTA.
4. Improved musicianship through constant gigging, improved grades at school, got first job.
5. Encouraged and helped many people close to my heart to believe in themselves enough to try. It worked :)
6. Met many amazing people.
7. Invested myself fully into something I strongly believed in. It didn't work out. But having the trust to invest oneself wholly is difficult and I'm glad I tried.
8. Found the strength to pull myself out of the most painful situation I can recall facing in the recent years. Never give up, no matter what. Rise every time we fall says Confucius...
9. Made people I care about feel loved and valued in my life. Nothing makes you happier than making someone else happy.
10. Tried my best to adapt to whatever changes life sent my way, and tried to have more of a life compared to the past few years ;)

Make your own list, hopefully it will make you smile :)

Photo taken during Mauritian CD release by Marjorie LEE

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