Monday, October 4, 2010

Narrative writing after a few years..

It's been a while since I wrote anything narrative so please bear with me... In this piece I'm trying to create the atmosphere more than creating a story. I know, I know. I'm over the teen years. But hey, I was always good at the depressing stuff back in the days.

The person described here could be anyone who has ever had a frustrating moment in their life and had the courage to let it go. In case you were wondering, no it's not autobiographical. I'm happy, thank you. But I guess in some other frustrating time, it could have been me. Anyways. Here it is.

Oct 4, 2010 | Untitled (suggestions?)

I hold you tight to hug you goodbye, and I'm sure it helps but I don't feel like it does right now. This familiar sinking feeling anchors itself in my brain. You're gone. I feel my cheeks getting wet from top to bottom, I sense my knees getting weak, it's about to come. It's time.

The calm around me is in disturbing contrast with the frustrations churning inside. I glare at my still surroundings, half-wishing something would burst into flames. Then I let go of my body. I let myself sink into the sofa, staring blankly at the ceiling. Spider webs swaying hauntingly above my head in the brightly lit room add to my stress. I turn away.

Now facing the dust-covered window sill with chipping paint, I try to concentrate on the street outside. It's a quiet Sunday morning and a few people walk past intermittently. I watch them go about their business. I see two faces light up as two friends randomly bump into each other at the corner. They hug and catch up. A young healthy-looking woman swiftly jogs by, ipod in hand. She makes running seem so easy. I never could run... I wonder what kind of music she's listening right now. If it were me, I'd be listening to "Counting Airplanes" by Train, I think to myself. I sing the lyrics to in my head: "I don't wanna be some average anybody" and a hint of a smile makes its way across my face.

I keep watching the city slowly wake up to this wonderful day. After a while, I can't help but let the calm from the outside seep into my subconsciousness. I don't realize that at this very moment, I'm not angry anymore. I curl myself up into a ball as my cheeks dry and let myself drift asleep as the sun shines its brightest. Soon, the area would get busy with people catching up over Sunday brunch or lunch. But I would miss it this time. I would sleep through the afternoon, having let go of the frustrations that kept me restless.

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